Company Profile

Navis Design and Engineering is established by three naval architects and marine engineers.

The owners are in the industry since 1997. All of the partners started working in one of the leading design companies of Turkey after the graduation and over the last 10 years worked as the design group managers of the company.

We have been into nearly all kind of design and shipbuilding business. Starting with the market boom of Oil/Chemical Tankers, we started building for European owners such as Unifleet from Netherlands, Herning from Denmark, Petrogas from Spain and such companies from Sweden, Germany, France and others. In this market boom we worked in the design of more than 150 ships, mostly chemical Tankers, but also container vessels, general cargo vessels, tugs, navy supply vessels, landing crafts and passenger boats from concept to delivery documents.

Beyond these, we have done project management for new building vessels, procurement jobs for the shipyards and expertizes for the banks, conversion projects.

As Navis Design and Engineering, we're giving consultancy services to shipyards for their newbuildings, preparing concept designs and bid packages for shipowners and shipyards for new quotations (from tankers to general cargos, barges, pontoons, research vessels, patrol vessels etc), all kind of engineering calculations varying from intact/damaged stability to launching calculations, inclining tests, delivery manuals of the ships as well as procurement (workshop drawings, nestings, 3D pipe modelling, isometric pipe modelling, material lists, project management and cost estimation).

We also provide condition and valuation surveys for yachts and all types of vessels.

We are the local represantative of Hatecke Life Boat / Rescue Boat systems in Turkey.

We have a loading software capable of damage stability analysis for commercial vessels.

We have Quality Management System TS EN ISO 9001:2008, and we are supported by

National Development Organization (KOSGEB).


To meet the needs and expactations of our customers;  complying the quality management system requirements, continuously improving the quality management system, under no circumstances compromising service quality is the quality policy of our company.


Müşterilerimizin ihtiyaç ve beklentilerini karşılayabilmek için; kalite yönetim sistemi şartlarına uymak, kalite yönetim sistemini sürekli iyileştirmek, hiç bir koşulda hizmet kalitesinden ödün vermemek kuruluşumuzun kalite politikasıdır.