Production Engineering / Outfitting

Undoubtedly one of the most important step in the ship building is, the correct planning.

In this matter all the constructional details should be solved at the begining of the construction. Main structural drawings and schematical pipe line drawings are already be prepared by the designers and approved by the class society during the early stage of the project. So what about the detailed outfitting engineering and pipeline arrangement? İs it possible to provide the optimal route for the pipe lines without isometrical drawings? How can it be quaranteed the total piping man hour ? how can be described the required pipe and fitting materials correctly ? so  pipeline arrangement and isometrical workshop drawings save time and Money as well as provide most functional and ergonomic arrangement.

For this reason all the outfitting items and equipments are prepared in 3D modelling and the pipelines are arranged on the mentioned 3D model. Therefore the completed pipe line arrangement drawings could be controlled by collision check  after  the workshop file contains spool drawings is ready to procurement and production. Meanwhile foundation drawings and support plan for pipelines can be prepared according to main model. All These detailed design Works perform with using Nupas CADMATIC and AutoCAD.