Ship Operation Booklets

Navis provides all manuals and booklets which are requested by class societies and other authorities.

All these documents have very important role to safe and eco-friendly management and operation of ships. 

Some of the documents are given below ;

  • P&A (Procedures and Arrangement) Manual for Tankers
  • SOPEP / SMPEP  (Shipboard Oil / Marine Pollution Emergency Plan)
  • BWMP (Ballast Water Management Plan)
  • VCS (Vapour Control System) Manual
  • AVM&APS (Alternative Propulsion System) Manual
  • AUT-PORT  (Automated Operation in Port)   Instruction Manual
  • Garbage Management Manual
  • Clean Ship Manual
  • Bunkering Procedure
  • SOx Documentation
  • Shipboard Incineration Documentation
  • In Water Survey - MonShaft Booklet
  • Cargo Control Manual
  • Sewage & Gray Water Management Plan
  • LSFO (Low Sulphur Fuel Oil) Manual
  • Cargo Securing Manual
  • Hull Access Manual
  • ODME (Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment)Manual
  • Inert Gas Manual
  • Emergency Towing Booklet
  • Damage Control Booklet
  • USCG Pollution Preventation For Foreign Ships
  • COW (Crude Oil Washing) Manual
  • SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan)
  • Fire Training Manual
  • SOLAS Training Manual
  • Sea Trial Report
  • Guidance Booklet for Noise & Vibration Measurement
  • Plans & Procedures for Recovery of Persons from the water

Also special booklets for Navy Vessels  ;

  • Damage Control Booklet
  • Ship Information  Book
  • Piping Scheme Booklet