Procurement is one of the most important items to stay within the targeted Budget.

Well planned procurement is the first step to catch the construction Schedule of the building. Also the equipments will have very important role on the vessel's profitability  in her whole life.  Defining the right specification, comparing the quotations of different brands and finally deciding to the optimum one, are the key items for every shipowner. The cost/benefit reports for each equipment can be prepared and delivered. Depending on the long years of experience, Navis Design & Engineering is capable of providing this service and the optimum solutions to the shipowners. In this regard Navis gives below mentioned services;

  • Determination of the ordering time of each equipment 
  • Preparation of the Detailed technical specification of each equipment
  • Eligibility check of the quotations collected by the owner/shipyard
  • Project Management  & Owner Representation

Navis manages the Project on site.  Our Experts in one subject’s can check the construction, outfitting and commissioning phase of the Project.  In this regard periodic shipyard visits will be performed for the following purposes ;

  • Quality control inspections and reporting
  • Progress monitoring and reporting 
  • Determination of the progress payment