Concept / Contract Design

The conceptual design is the first step of the design phase.

The base of the design should be well defined, carefully inspected against all criterias to fullfill the owner’s requests by providing low cost, low maintenance expenses, high fuel efficiency and environmental friendly ergonomic design.

Also the benefit of paying attention to this step is a right approach to the preliminary material and equipment list which leads to more accurate cost estimation.

The main items of this part can be counted as - but not limited to -

  • General Arrangement Plan
  • Brief Technical Specification
  • Lightweight Estimation
  • Stability and Strength Calculations
  • Freeboard and Tonnage Calculations
  • Preliminary Material List
  • Speed & Power Calculations
  • Cost Estimation

In the contractual design phase, the final calculations are made and the capacities of the equipments are defined so that the approval process of the projects and the purchasing of the materials and equipments can start.

The main items of this part can be counted as in addition to the final versions of the Concept Design outcomes;

  • Propulsion System Arrangement
  • Engine Room Arrangement
  • Capacity Plan
  • Seakeeping Calculations
  • Final Technical Specification
  • Structural Plans
  • Piping Schematics
  • Outfitting Arrangement Drawings