18m Pilot Boat

18m Pilot Boat is designed for Coastal Safety. The hull material is marine type alluminum alloy. (5083 H321). The vessel is driven by twin Scania DI16 72M main engines, each 700 BHP and can achieve a speed of 20 knots. The vessel can operate up to the wave height of 3 meters.

Main Particular

Loa 17.95 m
Lwl 17.10 m
B 5.30 m
D 2.65 m
d 1.15 m
Hull Material Al. Alloy
Main Engine 2x600 BHP
V 20 Knots
Range 300 Miles
Do 400 LT
No of Pax. 20
No of Crew 4


+1A15 L2 TR-Domestic Service HSDE Aluminium Service Boat, SPS +M R


2x700 HP @ 2100rpm main engines, 2 x 1000mm dia fixed pitch propeller.


400lt diesel oil, 200lt fresh water.


Messroom, Galley and WC for 4 crews, passanger saloon for 20 pax(pilot).