5.700 DWT Tanker

5.700 DWT Tanker

The vessel is designed as single-screw oil/chemical tanker to carry IMO II cargoes up to 1.54 t/m3 of specific gravity. The vessel has been built for Tanab Maritime. The vessel is driven by one Yanmar 6EY26Wmain engine with 4000mm diameter CPP propeller.

Main Particular

Loa 99.99 m
Lbp 98.10 m
B 16.60 m
D 8.45 m
d 6.50 m
DWT 5700 t
Main Engine 1920 kW
V 11.5 Knots
Cargo Volume 6250 m3
Cargo density 1.54 t/m3
No of Crew 15
Class K.R.


KRS1-OIL Chemical Tanker(Double Hull) Product/ II & III 2G 1.54 SG (IBC), KRM1-UMA STCM NBS1 IGS RP1 Alternate Loading / Asymetric Loading


1920kW @750rpm Main Engine, Dia:4000mm 4 blade Propeller, 1:6.25 Reduction Gear



Abt.6250 m3 Cargo Tanks, abt.2x80m3 Deck Cargo/Slop Tanks


9 Crew Cabin with WC, 7 Officer Cabin with WC, Dayrooms, Messroom, Galley, Office